COVID moving services that help support social distancing efforts, including:

-Reconfiguring existing furniture to permit greater spacing between work stations and common area seating.
-Procuring and installing office divider solutions including table screens, desk wraps and cubicle panels.
-Disconnect, move and reconnect office desktop technology.
-Pack and move office equipment and furniture.
-Short and long-term storage of furniture and equipment.
-Office sanitization.
-Application of floor and wall wayfinding decals.

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We are office moving specialist. can handle large office moves to single office moves between floors.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Jan C.

Sports & Fitness Industry Assoc
"I just want to tell you how wow'd I was with the moving team. They certainly have it down! They were in, they were efficient and they were helpful."

Ali B.

"We would like to pass along our sincere thanks to you and your team for the exceptional service you provided this past Saturday. All crew members were efficient and friendly and made a potentially stressful situation seem effortless."

Danny S.

UAE Business Council
"The move seamless and effortless as possible. Your team was great. They were very professional, courteous, punctual and careful. Thank you so much. Nothing but praise."

Anna K.

Catalyst Exhibits
"We are so appreciative of the support your moving team provided. Everything was taken care of in a fluid manner. The movers went above and beyond to help coordinate our needs."


"I have never worked with a moving company that took such pains to make certain that everything was done exactly the way that I wanted. Thank you again for making such superb arrangements."

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