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A Nationwide Office Moving Company is a quality service provider specializing in commercial moving, storage, furniture installation and related services. OfficeMovers have set the benchmark in our industry as the nation’s largest commercially focused relocation company, originating in the Mid-Atlantic region with a national reach.

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    • We offer pre-move office move plans, packing instructions and tips as well as labor and support to make your move efficient and stress free.
    • We have all the packing supplies, including boxes, e-crates & racks specifically for desks, computers and furniture as well as blankets and wall prep.
    • Whether you're moving to a new floor or across the country, our movers are experienced and trained to effectively handle and transport any equipment.
    • We have secure warehousing solutions for all your storage needs. Whether you need storage for week or months, we got you covered.

    Our services

    • Technology Services – disconnect/reconnect of your computers and related equipment as well as server room and data center moves.
    • Office Shredding – either on site or off site we can make your pre-move purge process easy and painless.
    • E-Cyclers – recycles all your obsolete or end-of-life electronics complete with certificates of destruction representing hard drive destruction that validates your equipment has been properly disposed of and recycled.
    • Office Installers Inc. – our fully focused furniture installation arm provides first class furniture delivery and installation services. Office Movers is certified on all the major furniture systems and can safely and efficiently install the most delicate wood casegoods as well as any modular product.

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    We are office moving specialist. can handle large office moves to single office moves between floors.

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